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Arko After Shave-Cologne Comfort - 250 Ml

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Arko After Shave-Cologne Comfort - 250 Ml




Size / Shape

  •  250 ML



  • Cologne or Eau de Cologne
  • It contains a higher percentage of perfume oil than aftershave, but less than eau de toilette
  • Has a similar effect of after-shave balm
  • Contains a range of vitamins that nourish and gently cleanse the skin


Instructions for a healthy shaving

  • Shaving tools:
  • Choose the proper tools for your skin according to the smoothness of the skin and the density of hair, whether with blades or modern electrical machines
  • Always keep the shaving tools clean and sterile by using cold water and add sanitizers according to the tools used
  • Face/body preparation:
  • Clean and disinfect the area to be shaved using lukewarm water
  • Use shaving oils that help in the smoothness and east shaving on the skin


To get the best shaving

  • Start with the easiest area to reach
  • Make the direction of shaving parallel to the direction of hair growth
  • Then go to difficult places to handle
  • Extend the skin in those areas so you can reach the smallest levels
  • After finishing, use water and apply after shave cream or liquid to avoid redness or inflammation after shaving
  • You may have to repeat the previous steps as needed


General tips

  • Always clean the areas you would shave
  • Use sanitary cleansers to clean and sanitize the areas you are shaving
  • Use natural oils and moisturizers
  • Make sure to eat healthy foods rich in vitamins that nourish the skin
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