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Avalon Hand Cream Moisturize And Care Of Hand - 90 Ml

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Avalon Hand Cream Moisturize And Care Of Hand - 90 Ml


  • Avalon hand cream


  • 90 ml

Uses of Avalon cream

  • Squeamishness
  • Eczema
  • Skin dryness

Active ingredients

  • Glycerin
  • Lanoline
  • Paraffin oil
  • Features
  • Makes the skin of your hands moist
  • Protects you from chapped hands

How to use

  • Put it on your hands and then use your fingers to massage it on the skin
  • Use it every day for healthy, smooth skin

Warnings and precautions

  • Keep it away from children

Vitamins and elements important for the youthfulness of the skin

  • Prefer protection from sunlight UV to prevent cracking
  • Hand wash is very important because it is the most thing we use and is exposed to pollution and lack of hygiene
  • Handwashing with soap and water works to remove the natural acidic substance that protects the skin
  • Natural products such as moisturizer must compensate this
  • You should dry the hand thoroughly because leaving water on the hand is the driest and peeling thing
  • Wear the glove when washing dishes or clothes and avoid touching detergents directly to your hands
  • You can paint your hands with sweet almond oil before wearing the glove for protection and softness.
  • At least once a week we should do hand sanding to remove dead cells and certainly moisturize well beyond
  • Changing the color of the fingers and the mind is very often a result of lack of discipline in the circulation must move the hand well every day and warm
  • It as much as possible to activate blood circulation and this happens in winter more than summer and can be a lack of vitamins in the body
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