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Baby Life, Baby Diapers, Giant S4, Large 7 - 14 Kg - 74 Pcs

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Baby Life, Baby Diapers, Giant S4, Large 7 - 14 Kg - 74 Pcs


Product Name



Brand Name

  • Baby Life


Main Category

  • Baby Care



  • Baby Diapers



  • New and improved baby diapers.
  • It is designed with medical belt that helps to walk early.



  • Medical Elastic Waistband.
  • Smart Self Open Cuffs.
  • Air Bubbles for complete dryness.
  • Position Tape Indicator.
  • Breathable Layers.
  • Wetness Indicators.
  • Soft Touch Cotton.
  • Up to 12 hours of Dryness.


Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • To be used when needed.


Napkin dermatitis

  • Napkin dermatitis or nappy rash are terms that describe a condition that affects the skin in the area under the baby’s napkin, diaper rash is also another name for this condition.


Causes of napkin dermatitis

  • Urine occlusion causes overhydration.
  • Fecal salts break the skin superficial layer.
  • PH increase in case of urine and feces mixture that produces ammonia.
  • Mechanical friction increases discomfort.
  • Other causes like fungi, bacteria and other skin conditions.


Non-pharmacological treatments

  • Use disposable nappies and at napkin change:
  • Gently clean your baby’s skin with water and use soft cloths.
  • Use suitable wet wipes and avoid using during napkin dermatitis.
  • Allow diaper-free time.
  • Use protective emollient creams like zinc oxide containing creams.


More Information
Size 74 PCS
Brand Baby Life
Diaper Size Size 4
Diaper Type Economic
Diaper Weight 7-14 Kg
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