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Babyjoy Healthy Skin Mega Pack Medium, Size 3, 6-12 Kg - 56 Pcs

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Babyjoy Healthy Skin Mega Pack Medium, Size 3, 6-12 Kg - 56 Pcs

BabyJoy 3 New born size , Golden Care ,The third size in Baby Joy diapers and up to 6-12 kg weight ,( big bag.)

BabyJoy Baby Diapers Gold care with Japanese technology for Healthy Skin:

1- Fresh air channels :

To prevent diaper humidity and, provide the best care for the baby's skin.

2 - super absorption capacity

For dryness lasts all night.

3 - Wetness indicator :

Changes to blue to know when to change nappy.

4- Waist Stretch:

Prevent back leakage.

5 - soft and silk:

Gentle to baby's skin.

6 - a distinctive cartoon form:

Disney baby wonderful drawings.

how to use BabyJoy diaper no . 3 medium :

  1. unfold the diaper, keeping the fastening tapes upward and make sure the side barriers are not folded to the outside. 
  2. Place the baby in the middle of the nappy to contain equally child's legs.
  3. Fix the fastening taps equally on both sides, matching the baby body shape.

Some general guidelines for the use of baby diapers and prophylaxis of diaper rash :

1. Do not leave the nappy adhering to your baby's skin for long periods. Even if you do not need to change the diaper, the child's skin should be ventilated from time to time, whatever the quality of the product, unless it supports that feature.

2 - When changing the diaper for your baby , wash with water and dry the skin well

3. When the child has diarrhea, you should change the nappy immediately with every feces excretion, and use a skin barrier cream to protect the skin of the child so that your child's skin does not inflame.

4 - skin rash occurs in the diaper area due to many factors, including :

- the quality of the diaper product
- diarrhea
- Lack of interest in the ventilation of the skin of the child with each time you change the diaper for your child
- not using barrier creams to prevent inflammation of the baby's skin.

5. Excessive use of wet wipes and lack of interest in washing with water can lead to inflammation of your baby's skin.

6. When a child is infected with a diaper rash, it is preferable to change the nappy regularly.

7. Nappy leakage may occur due to choosing the inappropriate size for the child's weight.

8 - Change the diaper to your baby before bedtime to enjoy a quiet sleep for long periods.

More Information
SizeBig Pack
Diaper SizeSize 3
Diaper TypePremium
Diaper Weight6-12 Kg
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