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Beautytime, Bt160, Corn Plane With Replacement Blades - 1 Pc

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Beautytime, Bt160, Corn Plane With Replacement Blades - 1 Pc

 What Beauty Time corn plane w/replacement blades bt160?

• It is a corn plane used to remove the dead skin, corns & callous.

* How to use the corn plane :

• Soften the corn by put your foot in warm water for at least 5 minutes.
• Dry your skin from excess water before use.
• Hold the corn plane against the corn or callous so the edge of the blade is in contact with the hard skin.
• Carefully pare down the hard skin using slow light strokes to remove fine layers of dead tissue.

* Corn plane features :

• Classic corn razor made in Germany with 10 spare razor blades
• The blade is in top quality stainless steel.
• This professional product allows you to remove strong callous for the perfect pedicure.
• Enjoy with soft and beautiful skin and feet with beauty time corn planes bt106.
• Easy to use and apply
• perfect design for good and easy use.

* Advises getting healthy skin and feet :

  • Treat your skin gently. daily cleansing and moisture keep your skin healthy.
  • Eat a healthy diet can help you to look and feel best.
  • Avoid the uncontrolled stress which makes your skin more sensitive.
  • Keep your feet clean and dry.
  • Avoid sharing footgear with others.
  • Head off sweaty feet
  • Choose breathable footwear.
  • Wear thick, cushioned socks
  • Always soak corns and callous in warm water to soften them.
  • After soaking you should use a pumice stone or foot file to remove the hard skin
  • Always use a moist foot cream before sleeping every day to avoid cracked heel.
  • * Precautions of the corn plane use:

    • Do not use on inflamed or damaged skin.
    • Do not use for diabetics or in case of circulatory disorders.
    • Take extreme care when handling blade and avoid removing of a healthy life skin.
    • Keep away from reach of children.

    * Beuatytime company overview:

    • It's a worldwide company where you can find everything related to cosmetic accessories! A complete range of body products.
    • Also accessories for the treatment of the face , hands, and feet.
    • They can give more value to their products.
    • All beauty time accessories are made in Italy or Germany with height quality.
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