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Beesline Feminine Hygiene Wash For Extra Sensitive Skin - 200 Ml

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Beesline Feminine Hygiene Wash For Extra Sensitive Skin - 200 Ml

Beesline Feminine Hygienic Wash :

- It is a wash to take care of intimate areas.
Volume :

- 200 ML

Product Features :

- It has a balanced PH so it keeps a suitable and healthy environment for the intimate area.
- Free from alcohol and parabens so no harmful effects.
- Formulated with natural ingredients to help in cleaning the intimate area and its moisturizing.
- Suitable for sensitive and very sensitive skin ( hypoallergenic ).
- Cleans and purifies the intimate area smoothly.

Ingredients :

- Propolis: it is antiseptic and keeps the intimate area moist.
- Lactic acid: fights the bad odor and also keeps the intimate area moist.
- Sage and Thyme: purify the skin.
- Colloidal Oatmeal and Nigella Seed: help to decrease the itching of irritant skin.

How to use?

- Add a little quantity from the wash to one liter from water and clean smoothly.

General advice for using the vaginal wash:

- Choose the one that is suitable for your skin that keeps the balanced PH and stops using if you feel with any irritation and ask your doctor advice.
- use it when you are standing up not in a sitting position to avoid the leakage to inside.
- Clean from up to down not from down to up to avoid the transfer of microbial infection.

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