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Beurer Foot Massager Foot Spa Fb 30

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Beurer Foot Massager Foot Spa Fb 30


  • Footbath with an infrared light field is the ideal companion for relaxation.


  • Pedicure application and soothing massage.


Product Features:

  • With a folding function that can be folded away for space-saving storage
  • 3 functions: vibration massage, bubble massage, water tempering
  • Soothing infrared light spots
  • With pedicure attachment (pumice stone)
  • Footrest with massage naps
  • Removable splash protection
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Cord winder
  • Suitable for up to shoe size 45


Model Number:

  • FB 30


Foot Care

  • You should take care of the health of the feet permanently and continuously, especially when exposed to pain or swelling that occur as a result of exposure to some stresses such as long sitting in front of the computer or walking for a long time or wearing shoes uncomfortable or tight foot.


  • Relieving from Insomnia: One of the benefits of foot massage is the treatment of insomnia, where it is recommended to massage the feet for about a few minutes using sesame oil or olive oil, preferably replaced with coconut oil if the feet of the hot type, where the coconut oil is cool and soothing.


  • Ease of sleep: One of the benefits of foot massage is to facilitate the sleep process, where it is recommended to massage the foot down Jojoba oil and then wear the socks with lying down and put a poultice of warm water on the abdomen.


  • Motivation of the energy system: One of the ways to stimulate the energy system in the body is the massage of the feet where certain places in the foot relate to the number of organs and glands scattered in the body, which eliminates the various pains and helps to relax and increase the flow of blood, body organs, especially kidneys.
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