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Beurer Fwm50 Shiatsu Foot Warmer Massage Foot Warmer Provides Warmth And Can Also Massage Stressed Feet At The Same Time - 1 Device

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Beurer Fwm50 Shiatsu Foot Warmer Massage Foot Warmer Provides Warmth And Can Also Massage Stressed Feet At The Same Time - 1 Device


  • Massage foot warmer.


  • 2 in 1 The massage foot warmer provides warmth and can also massage stressed feet at the same time. For maximum relaxation.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for large feet
  • Heat and massage can be used separately
  • Extra-soft surface
  • massage setting
  • temperature setting
  • Topside/footmuff made from fleece fiber
  • Removable footmuff, machine-washable at 30°C


Model Number:

  • FWM 50.
  • Output in watts 20
  • Massage function yes
  • Massage settings 1
  • Material of the footmuff Fleece fibers
  • Material of the top side Fleece fibers
  • Temperature settings 1
  • Washable lining yes
  • Product dimensions 32 x 31 cm
  • Warranty 3 years


Cause of cold feet

  • In cold weather, the body uses a natural protection mechanism to maintain the temperature stability of its central organs positioned in the center to function.
  • The natural protection mechanism reduces the blood flow in the hands and feet sometimes, leading to a feeling of coldness in the feet.
  • The need to activate blood circulation: Sometimes cold feet may be a sign of a particular disease, which means having to consult a doctor. Those who have good health should improve their blood circulation based on simple tips:
    • Wash the feet
  • Bath of warm water for minutes on the foot and soles of the legs, followed by another bath of cold water for a quarter of a minute. So, three times, start from the toes. A sequential bath helps to stimulate blood circulation and exercise.
    • Massage
  • Massage can increase the effect of the successive bath. It is possible to massage the soles of the feet and fingers with light movements, whether through circular or longitudinal movements. The foot massage machine also helps a lot. It is comfortable and handles foot down evenly.
    • Wear proper socks
  • With the use of socks of chemicals that sweat legs quickly. As it is known to cool feet wet quickly. Therefore, socks should be worn without synthetic fibers and high wool. They work to keep the feet dry and warm.
    • Stay away from stress
  • Stress affects the entire body. Stress hormones cause the narrowing of the blood vessels. It results in getting cold feet. It is, therefore, necessary to take a break even if time does not allow. You have to sit down a bit, do a long exhilaration and exhalation, then pull the shoulders back. This calms the nervous system and helps to eliminate cold feet.
    • The need to take fluids
  • The feet are cool if the person has a defect in the level of blood flow in the vessels. In this case, it is worthwhile to take large amounts of liquids, up to two liters of water, in the form of herbal tea or light juice daily. The fluid is preferred in two bottles of one liter so that one can observe the amount he has taken.
    • Heating the socks before bedtime
  • Cold feet may prevent sleep. Before going to bed, you should put your feet in hot water or foot massage machine. Then the feet must be wiped thoroughly from the water and socks used, preheated on the heater and then go to bed. Cold feet cannot worry about your sleep
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Size 1 Device
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