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Beurer, Mg55, Body Massager, For Relaxation And Pain Relief - 1 Device

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Beurer, Mg55, Body Massager, For Relaxation And Pain Relief - 1 Device


  • Beurer Body Massager Infrared


  • Massage for relaxation and pain relief.

Product Features:

  • Powerful massage to relax
  • The infrared massager provides vibration massage as a soothing and relaxing. You can change the massage according to your wishes thanks to the three interchangeable accessories.
  • IR heat can be selected separately
  • 3 interchangeable massage attachments (granular attachment، round attachment, drum attachment)
  • Two levels of functions (vibration massage, vibration massage with infrared heat)
  • Massage and relax muscles
  • The power of massage is constantly adjustable
  • Model Number: MG55.

Benefits of infrared massage for body tissues

  • Infrared massagers use a combination of energy and pressure to stimulate cell and tissue processes:
  • Infrared massage removes tension from muscle tissue
  • Where muscle tissue improves, relieves blood circulation by easing the pressure surrounding blood ducts. The massage device connects the energy of these rays or heat to cells and tissues, and this thermal energy improves the effect of massage by heating muscle tissues. Increased blood distribution within any region increases cell susceptibility to receive the oxygen and nutrients necessary to perform the function healthily.
  • Recovery of tissues
  • Since stress usually hinders normal physiological processes, the effect of infrared massage activates the body's natural healing abilities.
  • When the infrared energy reaches the structure of the cell, a warm effect occurs, causing a resonant absorption effect within the cells.
  • Then cell fluids begin to emit as a result of absorbed infrared energy. These effects enhance nutrient metabolism, repair processes and remove toxins.
  • The affected areas of the body begin to heal by improving blood distribution and cell metabolism.
  • Relieve the feeling of pain
  • Pain symptoms are often the result of inflammation within a part of the body.
  • The inflammations act as a response to the body's immune system, which is designed to protect vulnerable areas.
  • In some cases, however, inflammation and pain may prevent cell regeneration by reducing blood distribution to the affected area.Here, infrared massage relieves and eliminates the symptoms of pain. Inflammation reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients required to reach the affected area.
  • Therefore, the warm energy absorbed into the cell structure promotes increased cellular activity and thus restores its function
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