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Bigen Powder Hair Dye Chestnut Brown - 1 Kit

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Bigen Powder Hair Dye Chestnut Brown - 1 Kit

Bigen hair dye Powder chestnut brown color rejuvenates your hair color, and it is easy to use as it activates by adding water and does not cause irritating odor.

Before Application :

  • Complete skin allergy test 48 hours before each application.
  • Wear plastic or rubber gloves. Cover shoulders with a towel or cape.
  • Be sure hair is clean and free of styling product buildup.
  • Shampoo 24 hours in advance if your hair is very oily or has excessive hair styling product buildup.
  • To prevent staining, apply cold cream around your ears, hairline, and the nape of your neck.

1- preparation :

  • Pour Bigen powder into a Non-metallic bowl or cup.
  • Add a room temperature room water (plain water) in the proportion specified in the table.
  • Bigen powderwater
    1 bottle5 Bigen measuring cups
    1/2 bottle2.5 Bigen measuring cups.
    1/4 bottle1 Bigen measuring cups.
  •  Mix well with a brush to make a homogeneous paste.

 2- Application :

Quickly apply the mixture on dry hair.
If you are partially gray haired, start application where the hair is mostly grey.
Comb through the hair to ensure every hair-strand is thoroughly covered with the mixture

3- Timing :

wait for 20 - 30 minutes
to adjust the developing time, check color development several times by wiping a strand of hair with acotton ball or paper tissue.
Once the desired color is obtained, proceed to rinse your hair.

4- Rinse :

Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear and shampoo well

Skin allergy test :

Allergies can develop unexpectedly even if you have been coloring your hair for some time. Be sure to do the following skin allergy test 48 hours before each application.

1- take a pinch of Bigen powder in a non-metalic bowl or cup and mix with temperature water to make a paste.

2- apply the mixture to a small area of the skin behind the ear or in inner bend of the elbow with a cotton swab. Allow the area to dry and leave undisturbed for 48 hours.

3- If you notice any signs of burning, swelling or redness during 48 hours. You must not use this product. If there is no reaction in 48 hours, you can proceed to color your hair.

Before use :

  1. Hair color products can cause allergic reactions which in certain rare cases may be severe.
  2. A skin allergy test must be conducted 48 hours before each time you color your hair.
  3. Do Not use this product if you want to tint lighter as the product is designed to cover gray and enrich your natural hair color without lift.
  4. Do not use over metallic dyes, henna, color restores or semi-permanent hair color.
  5. Never apply this product when the scalp has cuts, scratches or in poor conditions.
  6. Never use on eyelashes or eyebrows.
  7. Never use on facial skin or facial hair.

 frequently asked questions :

1- Is the Bigen powder free of ammonia?

Yes it is ammonia free as well as it contains some natural ingredients.

2. Can it be used for men?

Yes, Can be used for both males an females.

3. What are the available colors of the Bigen hair dye?

There are three colors of Bigen hair dye: Black - Brown Chestnut - Dark Brown.

4. Does the Bigen hair cover gray hair and white hair?

Yes, give perfect coverage for white and gray hair.

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