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Blevit Plus Fruits & Rice & Corn Promo Pack 2 X 300 Gm - 1 Kit

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Blevit Plus Fruits & Rice & Corn Promo Pack 2 X 300 Gm - 1 Kit

Product name

  • Blevit plus fruits&rice&corn 2x300gm



  • Blevit plus


Main category

  • Baby cereals&biscuit



  • Baby cereal



  • Complimentary food dry cereals for infants and babies from 4th months - gluten-free - with Bifidus effect - cereals with follow-on milk - enriched with calcium, iron, and 13 vitamins.



  • Blevit plus delicious fruits is the gluten-free purée of smooth and pleasant tasty, ideal for introducing fruit to the infant's diet as it is sometimes rejected due to acidity.


  • It is made from gluten-free cereals (rice and corn) and a perfect combination of fruits (pear, apple, orange and banana). Also, it is enriched with milk proteins and fructooligosaccharides (fos), which helps to regulate intestinal transit. Fos encourage the growth of healthy intestinal microbiota, rich in bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, improving digestive tract development and promoting natural defenses in babies.


  • Thanks to laboratorios Ordesa's exclusive dextrinization system, Blevit plus delicious fruits is adapted to the degree of digestive maturation in babies, allowing them to better absorb the product's nutrients while also providing an optimal nutritional the same time, it allows an instant preparation, creating a smooth, homogeneous, and tasty purée.


  • Blevit plus delicious fruits present high calcium, iron, and 13 vitamin content, essential for the correct growth and development of the baby.


Instructions for use/ how to use

  • Reconstitute cereal by mixing Blevit plus delicious fruits in warm water and stir carefully into a smooth mixture. Cooking is not needed. The product presents a natural and pleasant sweet flavor. Thus it is not necessary to add sugar.


  • Dosage: Unless otherwise indicated, it is recommended add 10 tablespoons (45 g. Approx.) Per 200 ml of previously boiled water.


Other information

  • Gluten-free


Size/ pack content

  • 300 gm
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Size 1 Item
Brand Blevit®
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