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Beautytime, Bt232, Shadow Applicator - 1 Pc

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Beautytime, Bt232, Shadow Applicator - 1 Pc


  • Eyeshadow brush.


  • Apply eye shadow.

Product Features:

  • High-quality superfine sponge
  • Superfine and microcell sponge tip for the smooth and even application of eye shadow.
  • Wash the sponge tip in warm soapy water and allow to dry naturally.

Model No:

  • BT232


  • 1


  • Black


Types of make-up brushes

  • Make-up brush: This type of makeup brushes is used to fill the eyebrows, and the edges come at a slanted angle to make it easier to cover the eyebrow in an ideal way.


  • Powder Brush: This brush is available in large and small sizes and should not be free of your makeup bag. Use the large brush in the compact face powder mode after applying the foundation cream to give your face a silky touch, and you can also use this brush on the body. The small powder brush is used to put blush on the cheeks, nose and so on.


  • Foundation Cream Brush: This brush is used in the preparation of liquid foundation cream. It is distinguished from other make-up brushes with its ability to distribute the base cream evenly while giving your face a uniform color and perfect coverage.


  • Eyeliner Brush: It has flat, thin hairs to apply eyeshadow and Primmer easily.


  • Combination Brush Color: If you are wondering about the perfect way to make Smoky makeup, this makeup brush is the magic solution. The combination brush is used to blend colors and distribute them to the entire eyelid the way you want.


  • Sponge Brush: This makeup brush comes with a spongy edge that helps to blend eyelids into the skin to look natural.


  • Contour Brush: This make-up brush is perfect for face sculpting and perfect contour work. They are flat and oblique making it easy to color the face out. You can also use the Contour Brush in a special bronze mode on the neck and shoulders.


  • Blush Steep Brush: This brush is the best among the make-up brushes in the bronze powder setting. It is similar to a powder brush, but has a sloping edge, making it ideal for the bronze blush, especially on the cheekbone.


  • Eye Liner Brush: Comes with a very high edge to help you put liquid liner efficiently and control the thickness of the line easily.


  • Lip Brush: This make-up brush is used in lipstick mode. Lip brush is essential for girls with small or thin lips, as it reduces the chance of smearing the area surrounding lips when placing the lipstick directly.


  • Eyebrow Brush: is one of the make-up brushes that come in two faces opposite; the first is a brush straight and thin, and the second is a small comb. This brush is used to comb and trim the eyebrows, and you can use them to get rid of the excess mascara attached to your eyelashes.
More Information
Size 1Bag
Brand Beautytime®
Product Function Makeup Tools
Product Form Sponge
Gender Female
Area Covered Eyes
Skin Type All Skin Types
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