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Sanita Charm Cotton Pleats - 100 Gm

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Sanita Charm Cotton Pleats - 100 Gm

Item Name



  • Sanita Charm

Main Category

  • Cotton


  • Cosmetic cotton


  • Premium quality 33 precut.
  • 100 gram pleat.


  • Ideal for removing make-up.
  • Circle shape.
  • Nice on the facial complexion.
  • Made of pure white cotton.
  • Do not crumble.
  • Do not cause allergies.
  • Soft and highly absorbent.

instructions for use/ How to Use

  • Apply cleansing lotion or solution on to Sanita Charm Pure Cotton Makeup Pads and sweep onto your face for 100% cotton gentle feel.

Other info.

The importance of skincare

  • Cleansing facial skin is the most important part of the skincare system because it helps get rid of dead skin cells, germs, dirt, bacteria, and prevents pores from clogging the skin.
  • Many different chemical facial cleansers are available today, but in this article, we will provide natural ways to clean the skin.

Steps to clean facial skin:

[1] wash the face: start to spray the water on the face, the way is: a little of your skin lotion is taken, the face is rubbed, behind the ears, neck it. Wash the face with water, and dry with a clean, dry towel. Wipe the face with milk using a small cotton piece, helping to remove the remaining residue and open the closed pores.

[2] Peeling: After removal of dirt, comes the role of disposal of dead skin cells that clog the pores, and make the face appear dull. Also, peeling helps to relax, and to peel the skin we follow the following steps: Moisturizes the face with water. Apply a suitable peeled, then rub the face in circular movements for a few minutes. Wash the face with water, use a clean, dry towel to dry it well.

[3] Face steaming: A special incinerator can be used to evaporate the face, or a container filled with hot water can be used, bending forward to face the surface of the vessel, keeping the face away for a few inches. The head is covered with a cloth, Minutes, then use the tool to remove blackheads, and remove the black and white head of the skin, and then wash the face with cold water or a snow cube to calm it, and wipe with a clean cotton cloth.

 [4] Pore closure: The face is wiped using a cotton piece; to neutralize the pH, or can use rose water instead.

[5] Moisturizing: Finally, moisturize and calm the skin, apply face moisturizer special, and rub with hands lightly, and left to dry naturally.

More Information
Size 100pcs
Brand Sanita
Package Bag
Product Function Makeup Removal
Product Form Cotton
Gender Unisex
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