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Candyvit Gummy With Colostrum - 60 Pcs

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Candyvit Gummy With Colostrum - 60 Pcs

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  • Candyvit Gummy with Colostrum contains antibodies, calcium, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, to promote digestive health, strengthen the bones, and enhance the body’s immune system.


  • Candyvit Gummy with Colostrum is delicious as it comes with six fruity flavors with no milky flavor, which is suitable for kids who dislike the taste of milk.



  • The most important benefits of Candyvit Gummy children:
  • Maintain healthy and normal growth for children.


  • Stimulate the healthy growth of bones and teeth.
  • Avoid and treat vitamin deficiency.


  • In anorexia and malnutrition.
  • Improve the body's immunity against infection.


Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • Suitable for children 2 years old and above.
  • Recommended dose 6 gummies daily (maximum).


Other Information

  • 6 fruity flavors in a bottle: apple, mango, strawberry, lemon, orange & blackcurrant.
  • What is Colostrum?
  • Colostrum is a form of milk produced by cows in their late pregnancy through the early days of breastfeeding.
  • It is called the “perfect food” as it is the perfect first food for the immature digestive system of the newborn.
  • Colostrum is extremely easy to digest and high in concentrated nutrients.
  • It has a laxative effect on the baby, which helps him pass his early stools to prevent jaundice.
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