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Capillus Hair Growth - 202 Laser Diodes - 1 Pc

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Capillus Hair Growth - 202 Laser Diodes - 1 Pc

Capillus Cap for hair regrowth

  • It is a cap for head that helps in growing hair.
  • It is equipped with laser technology.
  • The device is manufactured in America.
  • ISO 13485 certified for quality assurance.



Technology used in Capillus Cap

  • Safe Laser Technology.
  • The laser stimulates blood flow to the scalp.
  • It promotes vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids to the hair follicles.
  • It stimulates hair roots cells within follicles to grow new hair.
  • It helps inhibit the activity of the reductive enzyme, which weakens the follicles and reduces blood flow to them.
  • Capillus is available in a flexible cap-shaped pattern that allows those who use it to wear without embarrassment and to continue their daily routine.


Capillus Cap Benefits

  • Capillus Cap helps you to simply regrow hair.
  • It offers the latest technology in the world to recover lost hair.
  • It helps in cases of Alopecia.
  • It helps in maintaining transplanted hair.
  • You can now treat your hair at home.
  • It helps to get results clos to hair transplant while you are in your home.
  • The results depend on the number of follicles available at the place of the experiment.


Capillus Cap Features

  • High safety rates.
  • Flexibility of use.
  • No pain.
  • Excellent results.
  • Saving time and effort.


Capillus Cap types

There are 2 available types of Capillus Cap, based on the number of the laser diode/laser valve:

  • The first type: contains 82 diode/laser valve, which is suitable for mild cases.
  • The second type: contains 202 diode/laser valve, which is suitable for medium and severe cases.



Important tips before using the device

  • It is advised to make sure the hair is well cleaned in case there are any suspended sediments of hairdressing products.
  • It is also necessary to remove any metal collars before using the device.


How to use Capillus Cap?

  • Remove the device from the bag.
  • Connect the battery wire to the device using the plug, and ensure that it is securely closed by attaching the ring around the plug.
  • Charge the battery overnight.
  • Remove the charger from the plug.
  • Place the device on the head.
  • Press the button on the battery to start.
  • The device will start up and continue for 6 minutes.
  • The device turns off automatically after 6 minutes, causing a beep.
  • Place the device in the bag after completion.


Other information

  • The Capillus device comes in the form of a cap, consisting of an outer layer made of fabric in addition to a solid metal inner layer of 82 or 202 diodes depending on the device version.
  • It also comes with an external charger, which is a lithium battery in order to provide the electrical energy needed to work, with the goal of free movement during the treatment session.
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