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Cetaphil Moisturising Cream 100 Gm

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Cetaphil Moisturising Cream 100 Gm


It is an advanced moisturizing formula for dry, very dry, and sensitive skin.

Dosage form:

  • Cream


  • Moisturizer for dry skin conditions and as adjuvant therapy for atopic dermatitis (eczema).

Ingredients and efficacy:

  • Glycerin, Panthenol, and Sweet almond oil.
  • The Effective long-lasting moisturizing formula for dry to very dry skin.
  • The non-greasy formula for quick absorption.
  • Unique formula attracts water and helps prevent moisture loss.
  • Fragrance-free formula and suitable for sensitive skin.

Directions for use:

  • Applied frequently as needed.

Atopic dermatitis (eczema):

  • A disease that makes the skin red, itchy, and scaly.
  • It is a chronic condition that flares periodically.
  • No certain treatment has been found to eczema.
  • Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments help to prevent eczema outbreaks.


Eczema symptoms vary from person to person and include:

  • Dry skin.
  • Itching that may worsen to the severe stage at night.
  • Cracked or scaly skin.
  • Red, brown or gray patches on hands, neck, and upper chest.


Risk factors:

  • Inherited persons with a family history of eczema, allergy, hay fever, or asthma.



  • Moisturizing: Twice daily moisturizing with special creams, ointments, and lotions lock moisture into your skin and prevent dryness.
  • Avoid allergens: Try to avoid triggers that worsen symptoms including soaps, detergents, dust, pollen grains, and sweat.
  • Shorten your bath time: take short baths from 10 to 15 minutes maximum and use warm but not hot water.
  • Use gentle soaps: Antibacterial soaps can remove natural oils and lead to dryness.
  • Use soft towels: After taking bath use soft and gentle towels and apply moisturizers while the skin still dump.
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