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 Have you ever found out that you are out of your medicines and have forgotten all about them?


Day after day, the need increases to continuous and accurate monitoring and for complying with dosing directions for
chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Chronic diseases require continuous
monitoring and caring which might be a burden to you.


What happens when you don't comply with dosing directions for chronic diseases?


Not complying with dosing directions is a major obstacle to treatment success and avoiding potential complications. According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), only about 50% of patients with chronic diseases in the developed countries follow the doctor's recommendations regarding the dosing directions.

The low rate of complying with dosing directions for chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure is believed to be a primary factor for deterioration of patients' health conditions and potential complications occurring.

Indeed, not complying with dosing directions for diabetes is the main cause of potential complications occurring like nerve damage and kidney failure. Likewise, not complying with dosing directions for high blood pressure is the main cause of brain and heart attack.


Global efforts seek to improve the rates of complying with dosing directions, facilitate preparing and dispensing medicines, provide effective systems to remind patients of the time to take their medication, and improve the level of the patients' education and raise their health awareness.

We at Al-Dawaa pharmacies match these global efforts and take into consideration your many daily tasks that could keep you from taking your medicines and your need for them to be fully, accurately, and quickly available at our pharmacies.

Therefore, the new "Dawaok" program from Al-Dawaa pharmacies provides you with the best solution for the full medication monitoring.


"Dawaok" program

"Dawaok" program is a monthly monitoring service and a reminder of your chronic disease medicines when you are about to run out of them. Using this program, Al-Dawaa pharmacies seek to provide you with the best health care for you and your loved ones, hoping to be a help for you toward a healthier life.

When joining the program, "Dawaok" program service presentative team from Al-Dawaa pharmacies will follow up your medication monthly to remind you of them and prepare them for you at the nearest branch so you can pick them easily using your prescription.

Through our competent staff, "Dawaok" program provides you with pharmaceutical consultations and medical advice regarding your health condition, in addition to the service of monitoring dispensing prescription of the medical insurance through a wide network of "Al-Dawaa" pharmacies around the Kingdom.

Once you join, you will automatically get all the services of "Dawaok" program for free without any additional charges to the cost of your medicine.

service 1

Free of Charge


service 2

Follow up of Insurance Recipes



service 3

Medical Consulting



How does "Dawaok" program monitor your medication?



Your medication is monitored using advanced accurate software that was developed globally with the participation of a number of major international pharmaceutical companies and which was used in several countries to monitor the medication of chronic disease patients.

The program will calculate the time and the doses of each medicine package to monitor your medicines quantity accurately and remind you through either a phone call from one of "Dawaokb" program service presentative team or an SMS that contain a link of your medicines when you are about to run out of them, and prepare them for you at the nearest branch so you can pick them easily using your prescription without any additional charges to the cost of your medicine.
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