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Dawaok program:

It is a program that provides a monthly follow-up service for patients with chronic diseases such as pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and other chronic diseases, and reminds them about medicines in case they are near their expiry date and when they buy them back or spend them on insurance without any additional fees on the value of medicines.



All you have to do is choose the medicines to be renewed for the pharmacist to prepare for you, then you can choose between the delivery service or receiving your order at the right time and the pharmacy branch for you.


The "Dawaok" program, through the highly qualified Pharmacists, also provides you with pharmaceutical consultations and medical advice on your health condition, in addition to the service of following up the dispensing of medical insurance prescriptions through a wide network of pharmacies in the Kingdom.

Once you're on board, you'll get all your medical services automatically.



Reminder methods in "Dawaok" program:

  • By calling from Call Center’s Dawaok service representative
  • By text message to remind you when to renew your monthly medication.


How to participate in "Dawaok" program:

  • Through the template on “Dawaok” Page.
  • Through the Call Center 800-244-4444


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