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Dentinox Nappy Cream 75 Ml

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Dentinox Nappy Cream 75 Ml
What is Dentinox cream?

It is a cream for the treatment of nappy rash.


Cream for nappy rash.


Cream for prevention and treatment of nappy rash.


75 ml.

Product features:

It contains zinc oxide to soothe and heal the rash in the nappy area.
It has antibacterial action to protect the baby's skin from rashes.
Soothes sensitive skin.
Calms skin redness.

How to use:

Apply it after each diaper change.
About nappy rash:
This occurs at any time during the baby's nappy phase, which appears as redness, swelling, or spots under the nappy area and genitals.
Some symptoms of nappy rash:
Redness, swelling or spots under the nappy area and genitals.
The rash may be hot when touched.
The baby cries when touched or washed and wakes up frequently at night due to discomfort.

Causes of nappy rash:

The diaper stay for a long time unchanged.
Do not clean the nappy area or change the nappy adequately.
A child suffering from diarrhea.
Use wet wipes containing alcohol or perfume.

Prevention of nappy rash:

Change the diaper for the baby 5-7 times a day.
Cleaning the child from front to back.
Avoid soap and scented products.
Leave the child without a diaper for a few minutes.

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