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Dettol Hand Wash Fresh Antiseptic 200 Ml.

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Dettol Hand Wash Fresh Antiseptic 200 Ml.





  • Hand wash to protect against germs 
  • Removes germs
  • Kills 99.9% of germs in 10 seconds
  • It provides a fresh scent to your skin.
  • A dermatological pH-balanced hand washes with Dettol's trusted germ protection that cares for your skin.
  • With daily use, it leaves your skin protected from germs and feeling healthy, in addition to the fresh fragrance.



  • 200 ml


How to use

  • Take a few drops, add water and rub hands together to create foam and foam.
  • Rub the back of your hands as well as your fingertips and nails.
  • Rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth.
  • Germs can be removed in just 10 seconds


Hand care

  • Handwashing with soap is the best way to avoid infections and keep your family healthy.
  • However, ordinary soap may be harsh on the skin and repeated hand washing may leave your hands dry and damaged.
  • Your sensitive skin needs a cleanser that is tough on germs, but soft on your skin.
  • The goodness of Milk Cream leaves your hands feeling soft and healthy while protecting you from germs.
  • Ordinary Soap takes up to 1 minute to kill germs - but do Kids wash their hands for 1 whole minute?
  • It is specially designed to give you and your family superior germ protection.
  • So now stay 1 step ahead of infections, and keep your hands clean and healthy.
  • Hand washing at five key moments in the day (washing hands after going to the toilet, before breakfast, lunch and dinner, and while having a bath) will keep your kids protected for germs and diseases as well as make their hands smell great!
  • Bring home this handy pack and enjoy germ-free fresh-cool hands.
  • Its pump bottle packaging makes it convenient and hygienic to use for the whole family.
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Size 200ml
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