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Ducray Creastim Anti-Hair Loss Lotion 2X30 Ml - 1 Kit

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Ducray Creastim Anti-Hair Loss Lotion 2X30 Ml - 1 Kit

Product Name

  • Ducray Creastim Anti-hair loss lotion 3x30 ml



  • Box of two 30 ml spray bottles



  • Occasional female hair lost: Stress, fatigue, Post-pregnancy



  • A completely original product to significantly reduce hair loss and reactivate hair growth.
  • With Creastim anti-hair loss lotion, hair regains its density, strength and vitality.
  • Creastim can be used right after childbirth, as it is suitable for young mothers.
  • Thanks to its targeted action on the hair growth phase in women, this stimulating lotion curbs hair loss and activates growth.
  • Its light texture facilitates daily use without leaving hair oily.
  • Creastim is also no-rinse.


Efficacy - Clinical trials

  • Anti-hair loss efficacy observed from the 1st month: 84%
  • Thicker hair: 82%
  • Stronger hair: 89%


Product type

  • Lotion


Hair condition

  • Hair Loss



  • Hair, Scalp


Application/how to use

  • Spray 10 times on the entire scalp after parting the hair
  • so that the product is in contact with the scalp.
  • 3 times/week for 2 months
  • Massage thoroughly. Do not rinse.
  • Do not shampoo for the next 2 hours
  • Do not spray near the eyes.
  • Do not inhale.
  • Do not swallow. Starting 18 years old.



  • Creatine
  • Tetrapeptide
  • Vitamins B5, B6, B8
  • Paraben-free
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