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Egyptian Gauze Bandage 15 Cm - 1 Pc

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Egyptian Gauze Bandage 15 Cm - 1 Pc
What is Egyptian gauze?

It is a gauze bandage.




Gauze bandage for clean wounds and burns.


15 cm.

Product features:

Used to clean wounds and burns.
100% natural cotton.
For single use only.

How to use:

Pour antiseptic solution on it and clean the wound or burn.
About Burns:
Damage to body tissues due to exposure to fire, chemicals, or electric current.
Some symptoms of Burn:
In the first degree, the outer skin layer is affected by redness.
In the second degree, the two layers are affected together and pimples are formed and the pain is severe.
In the third degree burn up to the subcutaneous fat layer.

Causes of  Burns: 

Hot liquids or hot steam.
Electric currents.

Prevention of Burns:

Do not leave matches or lighters accessible to children.
Keep hot liquids out of the reach of children.
Keep electrical devices away from water.

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