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Al Dawaa Pharmacies offers 114 winners


20 winners with a voucher of 2,500 riyals from OUNASS website

15 winners with a 3,000 SAR gift voucher from OUNASS website

10 winners with a voucher of 5,000 riyals from OUNASS website

15 winners with a 10,000 SAR gift voucher from Al KOOHEJI Jewelry website

4 winners with a voucher of 20,000 riyals from Al KOOHEJI Jewelry website

50 winners with a voucher of 500 riyals from Al Dawaa Pharmacies website


The date of the contest is from May 13 till June 7 2020,

corresponding 20 Ramadan till 15 Shawwal

Date of withdrawal: June 17, corresponding 25 Shawwal

Terms and conditions


  1. Withdrawal will be made in the presence of a representative of Dammam Chamber of Commerce.
  2. The names of the winners of the campaign will be announced after the withdrawal from the website under the supervision of the Chamber of Commerce.
  3. The prize cannot be transferred to another person.
  4. Al Dawaa company employees or their first degree relatives may not participate in the contest.
  5. Attendance is not required at the time of withdrawal to obtain the prize.
  6. Participate in the competition for free and without the requirement to buy.
  7. If the subscriber violates any of the terms and conditions of this competition, the Al-Dawaa Pharmacies may exclude the winner of any competition Phase of the competition and Al-Dawaa Pharmacies is entitled to replace it with another winner according to the absolute discretion of Al-Dawaa Company.
  8. The participant must register correct and updated data to enter the draw. Failure to submit a valid "identification/stay" or "passport" in their case is a violation of the conditions in case of They don’t match with subscriber's data and contact information.
  1. The winner acknowledges that he authorizes Al-Dawaa Medical Services Company to grant a final irrevocable authorization for using his name in advertising, advertising campaigns and websites Social or any event.
  2. The use of vouchers is the responsibility of the issuing vouchers without the slightest responsibility of Al Dawaa company.

License no: 1-854039756

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