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Elastbandex 10 Cmx4 Bandage - 1 Pc

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Elastbandex 10 Cmx4 Bandage - 1 Pc

Elastic bandage for swelling and trauma.


the stretchable bandage used to create localized pressure, the wrap comes in a roll with stretchable clips used to fasten the bandage in place once it has been wrapped around the injury.


Length:  4meter.

Width  : 10 cm. 




  • To help reduce swelling of an injured area of the body.
  • To hold wound bandages in place.
  • To wrap around an arm or leg splint during healing.
  • To improve blood flow to a limb like an arm or leg.
  • To hold cold or hot packs in place on a body part, such as an arm.

How to apply:

When you put on an elastic bandage start below the injury and continue to wrap back up around the injured area. For example, for a knee injury, you would start beneath the knee and then wrap the bandage around and above the knee. This helps control swelling better.

Tips for safety and comfort:

  • Be careful not to wrap the bandage too tight because it may cut off blood flow.
  • To help with blood flow, take off the bandage 2 times a day (if ok with your doctor) . Leave it off for a few minutes and wrap it again.
  • If the part of your body with the elastic bandage feels numb or tingling, remove the bandage. Gently rub the area. Rewrap the bandage when the area feels better.
  • If the part of your body with the elastic bandage becomes cold or turns blue, remove the bandage and call your doctor.
  • wash when it gets dirty and have another elastic bandage to use.


Call your doctor if:

  • You have pain or cramping on the body part where the bandage is wrapped.
  • You have tingling or numbness that does not go away after removing the bandage.
  • The skin around the bandage looks blue, pale, and feels cold.
  • You see the redness that was not present when the bandage was first applied.
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