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Enterogermina® 6 Billion Probiotics Sachets For Adults - 10 Sachets

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Enterogermina® 6 Billion Probiotics Sachets For Adults - 10 Sachets



    Product Name

    • Enterogermina 6 Billions/2G - 10 Sachets



    • Enterogermina


    Main Category

    • Medications & Vitamins



    • Enterogermina® 6 Billion is a probiotic medicine that helps to relieve diarrhea caused by the imbalance of good and bad intestinal bacteria in the gut.
    • It comes in consumer-friendly dissolvable sachets with lemon flavor that delivers a precise dosage of 6 billion per sachet and restores the digestive health through 1 sachet per day only.
    • Enterogermina® works by restoring the balance of the good bacteria in the intestines and gently treating and preventing tummy upsets caused by a disturbance in the natural friendly bacteria in the intestines.
    • This imbalance can lead to diarrhea, abdominal pain and an increase in the air in the intestine (bloating).


    • This intestinal bacterial bacterium (flora) constitutes a real defensive barrier against harmful bacteria.
    • Its balance can be upset by:
    • Intestinal infections
    • Poisoning
    • Food disorders
    • Changes in diet 
    • Or, use of antibiotics.


    • Enterogermina® contains Bacillus clausii; a friendly bacteria usually present in the intestine that restores the health of digestive system.
    • Enterogermina is Made in Italy
    • To learn more about Enterogermina, visit our website below.


    How To Use?

    • Dosage:


    • Adults: 1 sachet per day.
    • Dissolve the contents of the sachet in water.
    • During therapy with antibiotics, Enterogermina® should be administered in the interval between one dose of antibiotic and the next.


    Other Information

    • Composition: 6 billion/2 g powder for oral suspension spores of polyantibiotic-resistant Bacillus clausii.


    Caution and Warnings

    • This product is for oral use only.
    • Do not administer through other routes.
    • Improper use of the product can result in severe anaphylactic reactions such as anaphylactic shock.
    • Do not store above 30°C in a dry place.
    • Do not exceed the prescribed dosage without consulting a doctor.
More Information
Size 10 Sachets
Product Function Digestive Aid
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