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Exceeda Baby Milk Chocolate 400 Gm.

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Exceeda Baby Milk Chocolate 400 Gm.



EXCEEDA is a growth formula with extra nutrients suitable for children from 1 to 10 years.

  • Chocolate flavor. 


  • Exceeda comes in a can of 400 gm.


  • Special growth formula for babies from 1 to 10 years.

Product features:

  • Delicious chocolate flavor.
  • Contain all vitamins and minerals necessary to your baby health.
  • Easy to digest protein.
  • It provides essential amino acids profile closer to breast milk.
  • It’s special formula fortified with iron and has an adapted proteins content.
  • Source of proteins in EXCEEDA is cow’s milk.

How to prepare Exceeda:

  • Put 1 scoop for every 30 ML of previously boiled water.



Advice to make your baby feels better and minimize gas trapping:

  • Feeding position: When your baby is on breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, try to keep his head in a higher position than his stomach so that the milk goes down in the stomach and the airs come to the top (better position is in 45 degrees).
  • The traditional way “Burp your baby”: After feeding your baby try to burp him by putting him on your shoulder and gently hitting his upper back.
  • Switch your feeding-bottle: In 2 cases, if a slow-flow nipple or small neck that does not cover your baby’s mouth and allows too much air entrance.
  • Take (OTC) medications: There are some medications that absorb gases without any harm to your baby and can be taken under your doctor or pharmacist supervision.
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Size 400gm
Brand Ronalac™
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