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Skin Absolute-Day 50 Ml

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Skin Absolute-Day 50 Ml


Product description:

The Day Care Skin Cream is used in the treatment of facial wrinkles, skin tightening, and skin cell regeneration.


  • Jar 50 ml.


  • Moisturize and soften the skin.
  • Treatment of facial wrinkles and skin tightening.
  • Treat neck wrinkles and fight the signs of premature aging.
  • Lighten skin and increase facial freshness.
  • Unify skin tone and filter face.
  • Protect skin from harmful environmental factors.


  • Glycerin.
  • Shea Butter.
  • Palm oil derivatives.
  • Olive oil derivatives.
  • Jojoba oil derivatives.
  • Irish Primrose Extract.
  • Almond oil.
  • Hyaluronic acid.
  • Citric acid.
  • Marine algae extract.
  • Light fragrance.

Filorga Skin Absolute Day Cream Features:

  • Contains a range of enzymes Extremozymes capable of converting the sun's ultraviolet and infrared radiation that we are exposed on a daily basis to energy used to stimulate the vital functions of the skin, which decreases with age.
  • It works to fight the emergence of signs of aging because it contains the enzyme Photolyase, an enzyme catalyzed by sunlight, which works to repair the harmful effects of aging helps in the treatment of facial wrinkles and signs of premature aging.
  • Gives the skin a brilliant radiance and freshness because it contains extracts rich in substances that purify the skin with substances absorb light to help increase the freshness of the face.
  • A skin moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid and FILORGA exclusive NCTF®, which contains many vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids that help nourish the skin and regenerate skin cells and moisturize the skin deep moisture and last long.
  • It has an active role in smoothing the skin and unifying the skin color, giving the skin a more youthful and vibrant look.


How to use:

  • Filorga Absolute Day Cream is used for day care and facial wrinkle treatment on the face, neck and upper chest area.
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