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Fine Baby Baby Diapers Mega Pack

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Fine Baby Baby Diapers Mega Pack


  • It is a diaper for sensitive skin with super-absorbent gel core, leak barriers, and stretchy sides to be 100% comfortable.
  • Contains a chamomile lotion layer protects baby’s sensitive skin from irritation.


Product features:

  • Super-absorbent gel core locks fluid away from the skin.
  • A large green layer absorbs and spreads fluid and prevents its leakage outside the diaper.
  • The breathable back sheet helps your baby’s sensitive skin to breathe to prevent irritation.
  • Stretchy sides to be comfortable without leakage.
  • Soft cotton and chamomile lotion helps and protects children sensitive skin from irritation and rashes.


Tips for mothers:

  • Newborns and babies may have frequent stools, sometimes after each feeding.
  • Rapid napkin change protects your babies from napkin dermatitis and rashes, especially during diarrhea.
  • Also, urine occlusion and overhydration cause rashes of skin in the diaper area.
  • Your baby may get diaper rash as a diarrhea rash due to fecal salts breaks the skin superficial layer causing napkin dermatitis.


Napkin dermatitis:

  • Napkin dermatitis or nappy rash are terms that describe a condition that affects the skin in the area under the baby’s napkin, diaper rash is also another name for this condition.


Causes of napkin dermatitis:

  • Urine occlusion causes overhydration.
  • Fecal salts break the skin superficial layer.
  • PH increase in the case of urine and feces mixture that produces ammonia.
  • Mechanical friction increases discomfort.
  • Other causes like fungi, bacteria and other skin conditions.


Non-pharmacological treatments:

  • Use disposable nappies and at napkin change:
  • Gently clean your baby’s skin with water and use soft cloths.
  • Use suitable wet wipes and avoid it using during napkin dermatitis.
  • Allow diaper-free time.
  • Use protective emollient creams like zinc oxide containing creams.
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