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Foltene Foam Women 70Ml

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Foltene Foam Women 70Ml

Foltène® Laboratories has built up a foam particularly for ladies who experience the ill effects of fine and diminishing hair because of stress, weariness, diets, hormonal unevenness, labor, breastfeeding, menopause, chemical treatments.
- For thining hair and reduce hair loss , anti-aging hair foam for women.
- TRICALGOXYL® Foltène®PHARMA's licensed active ingredient, which upgrades hair development, fortifies slight and feeble hair and reestablishes natural balance of the scalp, while it prevents hair from aging
- BIOMINERAL COMPLEX, wealthy in minerals especially required by ladies, has a nutritive activity and advances hair that looks healthy and full.
-Silicone -triggers local microcirculation
- Magnesium -promotes cellular regeneration of the scalp
- Zinc- antioxidant and sebum-regulating
- Iron-oxygenates the hair root

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