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Gillette Shaving Gel Moist - 200 Ml

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Gillette Shaving Gel Moist - 200 Ml
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Product Name

  • Gillette Shaving Gel Moist 200Ml





Main Category




  • Men care/ Shaving Needs



  • The Gillette Series Moisturizing Shaving Gel is a gel that helps the shave by moisturizing the skin and the hair, as well as cooling the skin. The triple action formula softens the hair, lubricates to protect the skin, and cools the skin to soothe when shaving.
  • The gel contains glycerin and cocoa butter which helps to retain moisture in the skin.



  • It helps in razor glide, and it helps to make shaving easier, as wet hairs are easier to cut.
  • It also lubricates the skin, which helps to protect against dry skin, irritation, redness, and razor burn.
  • the gel acts as a guide as to where you have and have not shaven.
  • It also soothes the skin and refreshes the face.


Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • Apply the shaving gel to skin that has been washed, in order to help prevent dry skin when shaving. Lather up the gel and then apply it to the skin where the hairs are and ensure that they are sufficiently covered so that the risk of razor burn and irritation is kept to a minimum.


Other Information

  • Requires more lathering before applying.
  • Caution Do not pierce or burn even after use. 7.1% by mass of contents are flammable.
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