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Glycolix Elite 10% Moist Cleanser

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Glycolix Elite 10% Moist Cleanser

Name :


Shape :

Lotion for the skin.

Size :

200 ml.

Description :

  • 10% glycolic cleanser.
  • Moisturizes purifies and peels the skin gently, cleanses the skin and reveals a radiant and vibrant complexion

Characteristics :

  • Cleanser and peeling skin free of soap, natural and effective in the removal of make-up with peeling skin, consisting of fruit acids at a concentration of 10%, does not contain soap and completely removes impurities, fat and dead cells.
  • The combination of this detergent is mixed with vitamins A, C, E With green tea extract and KOK10 to provide exceptional antioxidant protection and protection with skin toning and nourishment.
  • It also contains a nut extract that has a clutch effect that removes fat and clings to the wide pores of the skin.

Ingredients :

• 10% of fruit acids.
• Green tea extract.
• The enzyme of the enzyme 'Q10.
• Lysosomal form of vitamin A, C, E.
• Nut extract for wide pores.

How to use :

Use any liquid soap with rubbing facial skin once or twice a day, taking into consideration that you are not exposed to direct sunlight after use directly or using a suitable protective sun visor

- For external use only.
- Keep in a dry place away from sunlight.
- keep away from the reach of the children.

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