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Hemagel Gel For Injuries - 15 Gm

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Hemagel Gel For Injuries - 15 Gm

Product Name

  • Hemagel 15 Gm Tube





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  • Stomach & Bowel/Hemorrhoids Medicines



  • Hemagel offers a unique solution for wound healing of both acute wounds like small injuries at home, during sport or games, and chronic wounds such as varicose ulcer, diabetic foot, bedsores, postoperative and other skin damages. Moist surrounding during wound healing is a modern and basic principle of treatment. Steady moisture in wound prevents from scab creation and so helps to accelerate the healing process.
  • Hemagel is hydrophilic methacrylate gel on the base of reticulated copolymer



  • It chemically binds oxygen radicals originating during inflammatory processes
  • It creates the optimal pH in the wound and thus helps to heal
  • the examined gel structure prevents from releasing of gel particles into the wound with subsequent irritation
  • It supplies the wound with moisture
  • It prevents from wound drying out and the scab creation
  • It is absorbent and so cleanses contaminated wounds
  • It restrains paining wounds
  • It supports scar creating in the wound
  • It softens and improves the scar shape already during the treatment


Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • Cleanse the wound from mechanic impurities, e. g. dust particles, rests of previous healing materials which could subsequently irritate and damage the wound
  • Open the tube by turning over the lid and stabbing it into the tube.
  • Apply a small amount of the gel onto the whole wound undersurface. The gel adheres to the wound undersurface and gradually absorbs discharges and other liquids from the wound.
  • Cover the wound with a sterile square preferably from unwoven fabric and fix it with bandage or plaster
  • Redress as necessary every 24 – 48 hours. We recommend more frequent replacements in the case of infected wounds.


Other Information

  • In case of proven infection it is necessary to keep the administration of ATB and other medicaments.
  • The effect of the gel displays with swelling up.
  • The unique gel technology prevents from sticking to the wound and thus it is very easy and painless to remove it by soft rubbing down.
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Brand HemaGel®
Product Function Anti-Hemorrhoids
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