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Hemamax 30 Tab.

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Hemamax 30 Tab.
Hemamax tablet:

For All Kinds of Iron Deficiencies.


Each chewable tablet contains 100mg Iron as a Ferric hydroxide-polymaltose complex.


30 chewable tabs.


It contains 100mg Iron as a Ferric hydroxide-polymaltose complex.
Prevention and treatment of all kinds of iron deficiency, particularly iron-deficiency anemia.

Dosage and administration: 

Adults and children over 12 years: Tablets: in normal cases, 1 tablet daily chewed or swallowed with some liquid during or after meals. If required, the dosage is increased to 1 tablet twice daily.

Hemamax tablets benefits:

Hemamax tablet is used for iron deficiencies, vitamin b12 deficiency.
Treatment of anemia’s of nutritional origin, pregnancy, infancy, and childhood.
Treatment of megaloblastic anemia due to deficiency of folic acid, zinc deficiencies, and other conditions.


Iron polymaltose as present in Hemamax tablets provides ideal preparation for all iron deficiency anemia. It is rapidly absorbed, with a high rate of iron utilization and produces an effective increase in Haemoglobin.
Due to its favorable nonionic nature, it has the following properties unlike ionized iron salt preparations:
1. Hemamax does not give rise to irritation of the intestinal mucosa and does not stain the teeth. ·
2. Hemamax has palatable, non-metallic taste (Hemamax chewable tablets have a chocolate flavor and are acceptable even by the most resistant patients of all ages). ·
3. Hemamax has excellent tolerance.

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Size30 Tab
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