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Huggies baby diapers size 4+ - value pack

HUGGIES SIZE 4+ is SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN WEIGHT from 10-16 kilogram delivering your child long-lasting protection as it formed of 3 layered daiper :

1- Super smoothness to be gentle on your baby's skin.

2- Breathable outer layer to protect your child's skin from diaper rash caused by non-ventilation of the skin.

3- Wetness lock to keep your baby's skin dry all the time.

How to use HUGGIES Diapers SIZE 4+ :

  1. Wash your hands before you start changing your nappy.
  2. open the nappy on the changing table.
  3. Place the baby in the middle of the nappy.
  4. close the diapper tape.

How to take care of your new baby?

1- Breastfeeding is useful for both the baby and mother.

2 - Make sure to adhere to the schedule of vaccinations approved by the Ministry of Health according to the age of the child as in the following table :

visit time
two months
4 months
6 months
9 months
12 Months
18 months
24 months
4-6 years

3 - Avoid extreme shaking of the child, especially in the first months.

4 - When carrying the child should pay attention to the position of the head and neck of the newborn because of the elasticity of the baby and the weakness of the skeletal system of him at the beginning of life.

5. When changing diapers, clean the child with warm water and dry his skin with cotton, taking into account changing the nappy frequently and whenever necessary to prevent your child from getting rashes.

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