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A service in which the customer chooses his needs, and then chooses the pharmacy in which the products are available and the method of payment that suits him.

Then the customer receives a message when his order is ready for pick up containing the pharmacy’s location.


Order method:

  • Website.
  • Mobile Application.
  • Call Center 8002444444



Why was my order canceled?

The order is canceled for one or more of the following reasons:

  • For technical failure
  • In the case of online payment, the order will be canceled after (7) days from the date of creation of the order and failure to come to receive it, but  in the case of payment upon receipt, the order will be canceled after (3) days.
  • If you cancel the order on your part.
  • Pricing or product description error.
  • Error in payment.

Why did not I receive all the products I have ordered?

If you have reviewed your order and made sure that you have requested all the products you would like to purchase but there are still some missing products, you can contact the Customers Service for necessary help.


For how long my order will be kept in the pharmacy?

The order will be kept in the selected pharmacy for (72) hours.


What are the documents required for receipt of the order?

Please provide us with the order number sent by email or SMS message.



How do I know that my order is ready for delivery?

You will receive an SMS text message when your order is ready for pick up from the pharmacy. This SMS contains the pharmacy's location.



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