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Insujet Needle-Free Insulin Adminstration System

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Insujet Needle-Free Insulin Adminstration System

Product Name






Main Category

  • Medical Device



  • Diabetic care



  • Neddle-free insulin injection device.



  • Used for inject insulin without pain.
  • No lipodystrophy when inject insulin in subcutaneous layer.
  • Predictable absorption of insulin dose.
  • Safe, reusable consumables.
  • No premature withdrawal risk.
  • More accurate & faster delivery. Suitable for needle-phobic patients.
  • No safety issues regarding disposal.
  • Disposable re-used without compromising on injection quality.


Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • Notice the no 1 and no 2 arrows on the front of the device
  • Hold the device in both hands one hand holding the front of the device, the other holding the back  Start rotating the front in the direction of the no 1 arrow, note that the amount of units in the dosage window should decrease 
  • The device is ready for use when the green mark appears.
  • Rotate the front of the device in the direction of the no 2 arrow, until the number (0) re-appears in the in the dosage window.
  • Align the Adaptor with the Nozzle and firmly rotate the Adaptor clockwise until the Adaptor snaps in place.
  • Tap the insulin cartridge or vial firmly, to remove possible air bubbles from the needle opening inside the cartridge or vial.
  • Hold the Insujet device with the insulin cartridge/vial upwards and the dosage window facing you On the front side of the Insujet you well notice the number '2' with a directional arrow.
  • Hold the back of the device and turn the front in the direction of the no 2 arrow until the number '5' appears in the dosage window For each unit that is taken into the Nozzle, you will notice a 'notch'.
  • Disconnect the Adaptor with the insulin cartridge/vial from the Nozzle.
  • Slide away the red safety switch as far as it will go and hold in place, place the device vertically over the skin in the injection area of your choice, then push the front side toward the back side to inject insulin from the Nozzle.


Other Information

  • Available Insulin Adapter for all insulin container sizes.
  • Adminstration from 4 I.U of Insulin.
  • Suitable for all types of insulin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • 5000 Adminstrations.
  • Safety Lock!
  • Easy to use.


Size/ Pack Content

  • 1 PC
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