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Isis Neotone Radiance Cream Spf 50+ - 30 Ml

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Isis Neotone Radiance Cream Spf 50+ - 30 Ml

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  • ISIS

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  • Isis Neotone Radiance
  • Daily care provides treatment and protection against hyperpigmentation and brown spots on the skin.
  • Isis Neotone Radiance is effective against all types of hyperpigmentation.
    It protects the skin from sunlight, blue light, and pollution, which are the main and main causes of hyperpigmentation.
  • With continuous use, the complexion appears brighter and younger looking.
  • Isis Neotone Radiance nourishes the skin carefully and gives it a radiant look and maintains its vitality.
  • Effectiveness proven in medical studies.


  • Provides an integrated formula that restores the vitality of the skin and protects against hyperpigmentation.
  • It has high efficiency and at the same time a high degree of tolerance.
  • Reduces the intensity of brown pigments by 43% within 84 days.
  • Improves skin consistency by 42% in 84 days.
  • Contains Depi Act Complex that provides efficiency and safety.
  • Isis Newton Radiance provides triple protection from UV rays, blue light and pollution.
  • Contains fractionated melanin that provides protection from blue light and prevents the appearance of brown spots as a result of hormonal changes.
  • It contains flimogenic polysaccharide, which provides protection from pollution and prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentation resulting from sun exposure and aging.

Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • Apply twice a day in the morning and evening to the area around the eye.
  • It is distributed on the skin with gentle circular motions.
  • For external use only.

Other Information

Skin hyperpigmentation

  • It is a medical condition in which the color of the skin in certain places becomes noticeably dark due to the excessive secretion of the melanin pigment, which gives the skin color and tone.
  • The causes of skin pigmentation vary, as they may be due to skin infection, an illness, or as a result of aging.

Types of hyperpigmentation

  • Dermatitis induced hyperpigmentation
  • Sun exposure induced hyperpigmentation
  • Pregnancy-induced hyperpigmentation

hyperpigmentation treatment

  • Laser peeling
  • Crystal surface peeling
  • Skin curettage
  • Cosmetic creams
  • Medical recommendations for the prevention of hyperpigmentation
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Eat a balanced diet with fewer sugars.
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Size 30 Ml
Brand ISIS
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