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Ivytus Cough Syrup Honey Flavour - 200 Ml

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Ivytus Cough Syrup Honey Flavour - 200 Ml

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  • Ivytus Cough Syrup Hoeny Flavour
  • It is a syrup used to treat cough in children and adults with ivy leaf extract.
  • It treats congestion in the airways and have good expectorant action.
  • Ivytus Cough Syrup Hoeny Flavour improves the functions of the airways.
  • Ivytus Cough Syrup Hoeny Flavour reduces the duration of cough.
  • Uses Ivytus Cough Syrup Hoeny Flavour in the prescribed dosages.



  • It is suitable for cough symptoms in adults and children older than six years.
  • The ivy leaf extract contains tri-terpenoid compounds (about 6%).
  • The active substances in Ivytus Cough Syrup Hoeny Flavour reduces the contraction of the airways and dissolve the phlegm to facilitate expulsion.
  • Increases moisturization of the mucous membranes to reduce the viscosity of phlegm and enhances the function of cilia in the bronchi, so the phlegm is eliminated.
  • There is evidence that the active substances in ivy leaves have an anti-bacterial effect, which reduces the possibility of respiratory infections.

Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • It is used for adults and children from six years of age.
  • Children (6-12 years): 5 ml three times daily.
  • Adults: 5-7.5 ml three times daily.
  • A lot fluid intake enhances the effect of treatment.
  • keep away from the reach of the children.

Other Information

Cough overview

  • Coughing is a natural reaction that cleans the throat and chest from mucus and irritants.
  • Cough occurs in normal cases at intervals, but in disease state, cough becomes more frequent.

Cough types according to duration:

  • Acute cough: It lasts for less than three weeks
  • Subacute cough: which lasts for more than three weeks and less than eight weeks.
  • Chronic cough: It is a cough that lasts for more than eight weeks.

Causes of coughing:

  • Clean the throat from mucous secretions.
  • Viruses and bacterial infection are one of the most common causes.
  • Cough usually affects smokers.
  • Some medications may cause coughing.

Cough treatment:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid substances that irritate the airways.
  • Hot drinks contain honey and ginger.
  • Take some medications that help improve bronchial function and expel phlegm.
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