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J.F.M Hair Natural Real Black - 1 Pc

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J.F.M Hair Natural Real Black - 1 Pc

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  • J.F.M Hair Real Black
  • It is a hair dye for men to change white hair to a dark brown color.
  • J.F.M Hair Real Black restore the hair color and give a more youthful look.
  • Improves the appearance of hair and leaves it fully health.
  • The ingredients of J.F.M Hair Real Black, moisturizes and enhancing hair health.
  • An outstanding user experience that produces a healthy and attractive look.


  • Easy to use as it is no drip shampoo formula.
  • It gives results in five minutes after application and lasts for eight weeks.
  • Ammonia free does not cause any damage to hair.
  • It removes white hair without affecting the natural grading of hair color.
  • Contains proteins that enhance the health and appearance of hair.
  • It contains aloe vera and chamomile extract that promotes healthy hair and scalp and prevents inflammation.
  • Equipped with an integrated formula that restores the vitality of the hair and leaves it more beautiful with every use.
  • J.F.M Hair Real Black contains materials that enhance the softness of hair.
  • Reduces flyaway and frizz.
  • The hair is given a distinctive shine.
  • J.F.M Hair Real Black can be used for all hair types.

Instructions for use/ How to Use

Before starting use, an allergy test should be done as follows:

  • The dye is prepared in the manner that will be mentioned later.
  • An amount of product is applied to a small area of the skin.
  • The product is washed off after ten minutes.
  • Wait 24 hours to ensure that no allergic symptoms appear.
  • If any symptoms occur, do not use the product.


  • The gloves
  • Color bottle
  • Developer

How to prepare:

  • The color is added to the developer and is well shaken.
  • All mixture is applied to hair and well distributed on all hair.
  • Wait five minutes, then rinse the hair with water.
  • Wash the hair with a suitable shampoo, preferably a color care shampoo.

Other info.

White hair overview:

  • White hair is known as black hair color loss and this occurs as a result of the loss of melanin pigment from the shaft of the hair.
  • Dye loss affects hair, becoming thin, brittle, and less manageable.
  • The reasons for the formation of white hair:
  • Genetic factors play a big role in the emergence of white hair.
  • Not following a healthy diet.
    Smoking and exposure to continuous psychological stress.

How to reduce the appearance of white hair:

  • A healthy diet rich in fish and nuts as they are sources of omega-3 that improve overall health and reduce the appearance of gray hair.
  • Take zinc supplements.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Stay away from sources of psychological stress.
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