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Kanaf charitable society is a charity organization licensed by ministry of social affairs (license № 685) in 2015 to provide specialized unique medical services to orphans and widows by providing medical insurance coverage to them Kanaf depends on orphans & widows organizations in the kingdom to approach the needed.

We get our funds and financial support from donations and major companies & banks as part of their social responsibilities and kanaf have signed with Kfupm University for collaboration to start endowments that will guarantee good funding and help in sustainability of our programs.


Is to improve the health and wellbeing of orphans, widows through a comprehensive health care coverage in the kingdom in a respectable manner.


Is to share responsibilities with other organizations by providing decent health care coverage to their orphans & widows.

To set a unique model of charity work with strong pillars to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

Operate in an institutional matrix with high accountability and transparency.

To donate you can click your favorite bank for any amount you like to transfer. The cost for an insurance policy is 1000 sr. only.


You can donate via this link … http://donation.kanaf.org.sa/


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