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KOLESTON hair color naturals 4/6 PLUM RED.

Koleston Naturals hair color contains powerful coloring ingredients and serum that is feeding your hair with natural extracts which vary according to the nature of colors such as cinnamon extract for brown hair, chamomile extract for blond hair and pomegranate extract for red hair .now you can choose from many of the attractive colors of Koleston Natures.

How to use KOLESTON hair color naturals 4/6 plum red?

1- Preparation of coloring emulsion:

Press the content of the tube into a non-metallic dish (plastic- glass or porcelain) then add the developer fluid and mix the two ingredients with a coloring brush until a homogenous coloring emulsion is produced.
Please apply the emulsion to your hair as soon as you have finished mixing it to achieve an optimum coloring result.

2- Application of coloring emulsion: 

For first coloring, the coloring emulsion is applied to unwashed hair strand by strand, using the coloring brush. Please make sure that you do not miss any parts. Then comb your hair through with awidetoothed comb to achieve even distribution of the coloring emulsion in your hair.
For root coloring make partings in your hair and initially apply the coloring emulsion parting by parting only; after allowing a soaking time of 20 minutes, comb the coloring emulsion evenly right down to the ends of your hair.

3- Soaking time: 

The soaking time is 30 minutes; for root coloring, it is 20 minutes for the roots and another 10 minutes for the whole of your hair. The color of the color emulsion may change during the soaking time.

4- Finishing treatment:

After the end of the soaking time rinse out the coloring emulsion thoroughly with the warm water. To stabilize the coloring results, work the conditioner into hair while still damp, leave to soak 5 minutes, then rinse out thoroughly.
The conditioning serum provides you the healthy look you desire.

Skin allergy test for KOLESTON hair color naturals 4/6 plum red:

You will need a cotton ball or swab, a plastic bowl, and a plastic spoon.
  1. to open unscrew the entire applicator bottle cap (bottle no.2). (do not pull off the tab. ) then unscrew the hair color bottle cap (bottle 1).
  2. Mix small equal parts of hair color and the developer in a plastic bowl.
  3. Tightly recap tint tube and developer bottle.
  4. Apply mixture to a test area approximately 1 cm square in the bend of your elbow. allow to dry, do not wash this area for 48 hours. if no reactions occur, you are ready to color.
  5. Examine the test area during the next 48 hours. if there is any sign of rash, redness, swelling, burning, itching or similar, the product must not be applied, and you must seek medical advice before coloring the hair again. In addition, if these signs occur already during the 45 min application time, rinse immediately.
Strand test KOLESTON hair color naturals cocoa brown :

do strand test every time each time you color to determine optimal timing and color results, perms, relaxers, previous color, then the sun can affect your results and timing.

you will need scissors, tape, and a clock.

  1. cut 1/4 inch strand from the darkest and the greyest part of your dry hair close to the scalp and tape at the cut end. 
  2. completely cover the hair strand with the mixture remaining from allergy test. start timing after15 minutes, check the strand. if the strand is not the color you want, return it to the mixture and check the color every few minutes for up to 25 minutes. For extra light blonding, more intense color results, or to cover resistant grey hair, it may be necessary to leave the product color on for up to 45 minutes.
  3. fill in your personal time below : 
my timing for the desired color -------------minutes.

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