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Louis Widmer, Deodorant Cream, Aluminium Free - 40 Ml

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Louis Widmer, Deodorant Cream, Aluminium Free - 40 Ml

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  • Louis Widmer, Aluminium Free Deodorant Cream - 40 Ml


  • Louis Widmer

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  • Louis Widmer Aluminum Free Deodorant cream
  • Free from aluminum salts.
  • Being free of irritants, it is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Eliminates bad smells of sweat by fighting harmful bacteria that produce odors.
  • Louis Widmer Aluminum Free Deodorant cream is suitable For Men and Women.
  • Effectiveness proven in medical studies.


  • Total protection from unpleasant odors, with great gentleness.
  • Eliminates body odors by using natural ingredients.
  • Louis Widmer Aluminum Free Deodorant cream is free from aluminum, easy to use, as it is an easy-to-apply cream.
  • A unique formula containing glycerol and allantoin that moisturizes the skin and hinders the growth of bacteria that cause sweat.
  • Its results are enhanced by containing silver particles, which also contribute to the disinfection of odor-producing bacteria.
  • It contains chitosan, which makes it a suitable choice for sensitive and irritated skin, as chitosan is considered one of the best moisturizers and skin soothing agents.
  • Louis Widmer Aluminum Free Deodorant cream provides long-lasting protection.
  • It is well tolerated by various skin types.

Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • Use on clean, dry skin once a day.
  • For external use only.

Other Information

What is Perspiration?

  • Perspiration is a natural process performed by the sweat glands on a daily basis to get rid of water and excess salts in the body.
  • This process is necessary to maintain the temperature of the body through the processes of cooling and evaporation.
  • This process increased by several reasons such as high temperature, tension, and fear, with great motor activity such as running and exercise, extreme pain and obesity also increase sweat secretion.
  • Although this process is essential for the body and is a good indicator of the health of the body, it causes embarrassment and distress for many, because of the unpleasant odor.

Difference between Deodorant and Antiperspirant:

  • Deodorant works by covering the odor of sweat with certain perfumes. Therefore, the deodorant does not limit or diminish perspiration but hides its odor.
  • Antiperspirant Works to narrow the exits and pores of the skin, allows the release of sweat in small quantities, and thus eliminate the smell.
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