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Lactofair Powder Lactagogue 8 Gm - 20 Sachets

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Lactofair Powder Lactagogue 8 Gm - 20 Sachets

Product name

  • Lactofair powder 8gm 20 sachets



  • Lactofair


Main category

  • Vitamins & supplements



  • Women supplements



  • Lactofair powder a nutritional supplement powder that contains natural dietary components essential for breastfeeding mothers
  • It contains 20 sachets, each of 8 gm
  • Delicious caramel flavor
  • Contains dark barley extract



  • It increases breast milk production


Instructions for use/ how to use

  • Dissolve in a cup of water, milk or juice and to be taken orally once or twice daily



  • 20 sachets


Other information

  • What mothers eat influences their milk supply, so you should learn how foods and herbs can support your milk production. Here are some lactogenic foods and herbs you should know about:
  • Nuts support milk supply include almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts.
  • Fennel is well-known as an herb that may increase milk production.
  • Oat is one of the most nutritious foods and contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that nourish the nerves, support the metabolism of fats, and uplift the spirit.
  • Barley water was recorded in ancient medicine two thousand years ago as a galactagogue. Taken for a week or two, it often helps mothers with chronic low milk supply.
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