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Legalon 70 Mg Liver Support - 80 Tabs

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Legalon 70 Mg Liver Support - 80 Tabs

Product name

  • Legalon 70 mg 80 tab



  • Legalon


Main category

  • Vitamins & supplements



  • Liver support



  • Legalon tablets contain silymarin 70 mg
  • Supporting the liver to perform its vital functions normally
  • It helps in restoring damaged liver cells



  • Maintaining liver functions
  • It is used in acute and chronic hepatitis and cases of fatty liver
  • It protects the liver from the harmful effects of certain medications
  • It is used in some cases of poisoning and exposure to radiation


Instructions for use/ how to use

  • Acute cases: 2 tablets three times daily
  • Mild to moderate cases: one tablet three times daily with a large quantity of water
  • Use under medical supervision



  • 80 tab


Other information

  • The importance of the liver ...
  • Liver health has a direct effect on the health of the body in general because of its important role in most vital processes in the body.
  • It plays a vital role in maintaining the body's immunity.
  • The liver plays a vital role in storing glucose, iron, b12, a, d, e, and k.
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