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Lensme, Soft Monthly Lenses Snowy - 1 Pair

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Lensme, Soft Monthly Lenses Snowy - 1 Pair

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  • Snowy: A mixture of grey with hints of yellow giving you a subtle attractive look.


Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • Before you start - wash your hands with soap (preferably non-perfumed, anti-bacterial liquid soap), then rinse and dry your hands with a lint-free towel.
  • Check that the lens isn't inside out - To do this, just put the lens on the tip of your finger and hold it up to the light. If the edges flare out, it's inside out. Some lenses have a 1, 2, 3; indicator—make sure the digits aren’t backwards. It should look like a bowl with straight edges.
  • Using your right hand - gently hold your upper eyelid with one finger so you don’t blink or get your eyelashes in the way, and carefully pull down your lower eyelid with your other fingers.
  • Move the contact lens - toward your eye steadily. Look upward as you place it on your eye, and slowly release your eyelid and close your eye for a moment to allow the lens to settle. Repeat for your other eye.


Other Information

  • Don’t wear contact lenses overnight.
  • Don’t wear your contact lenses in the shower or while swimming.
  • Don’t reuse contact lens solution.
  • Don’t use saline solution for contact lens cleaning or disinfection.
  • Never use saliva as a wetting agent
More Information
Size 2 Lenses
Package Kit
Product Function Color Lens
Color Snowy
Product Form Contact Lens
Gender Unisex
Area Covered Eyes
Duration 6 Months
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