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Management Message

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Management Message


In line with the communications revolution our age witnesses, i seize the opportunity to launch new website of Al-Dawaa. Such new website is just a step on the way to sustain more communications and interactions between the Company and its customers. We, the team working at DMSCO, are committed to achieve the ambitious objectives for our customers; by providing the best products and services in both health care and consumer fields.
Indeed, to achieve such objectives, all of us should exert tremendous efforts in which all divisions, including sales, pharmacies, procurement, finance, marketing, human resources, IT, operations, co-operates with each other.
With the growth our business witnesses, we are sure that we are on the right path, fully aware of future challenges waiting us, preparing with all resources and skills to achieve our ultimate objective “limitless Care”
Finally, my sincere thanks and appreciation to all customers and partners, hoping more support to be provided during the next years.


Waleed Al-Jaafari

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