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Marnys Propol Drink - 20 Vial

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Marnys Propol Drink - 20 Vial

Product Name



  • MARNYS® 

Main Category

  • Food supplement 


  • Natural Defence


  • DEFENCES READY FOR SEASONAL CHANGESDEFENCES READY FOR SEASONAL CHANGESDrinkable vials that combine Colostrum, Royal Jelly, Propolis with Reishi, Shiitake and Vitamin B6.
  • Make ready your body with MARNYS® PROPOLVIT DEFENS, an exclusive formula developed from natural ingredients that are optimal to cope with seasonal changes.
  • Reishi and Shiitake mushrooms are used in traditional Chinese medicine and contain a huge variety of biologically active polysaccharides, standardized with a minimum 20% beta-glucans.
  • Propolis is a resin made by bees to protect their hive from disease by sealing the walls and cells.
  • One of the food items with the highest source of flavonoids, like galangin, its most effective active ingredient.
  • Colostrum, from milk, helps satisfy the nutritional needs and defenses of newborns and improves their survival.
  • Royal jelly is the only food source that the queen bee receives throughout her lifetime.
  • It is believed to be the secret to her longevity.
  • PROPOLVIT DEFENS contains vitamin B6, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system.


  • Royal Jelly is a food supplement that meets these energy requirements to solve extraordinary situations, and has been shown to contribute to the increase of red blood cells , optimize the metabolism of sugar and reduce fatigue .
  • Propolis is a natural alternative which contributes to strengthening the body’s defense system to cope with infections, especially respiratory infections, as it has been shown to increase defense factors by more than 150 times, as well as to modulate the inflammatory response by raising anti-inflammatory factors .
  • Colostrum helps satisfy the nutritional needs and defenses of newborns and improves their survival.


Instructions for use/ How to Use 

  • Take one vial before breakfast.
  • Shake well before use.

Other Information

What is Royal Jelly?

  • Royal Jelly is the queen bee’s only food during her entire life.
  • Royal Jelly is a substance with high nutritional value, containing a unique combination of water (60-70%), proteins (9-18%), carbohydrates (11-23%), lipids (3-8%), amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

What is Propolis?

  • Propolis is also part of traditional medicine.
  • Its chemical composition consists of at least 300 compounds, including a high content of phenolic compounds (caffeic, cinnamic acids) and flavonoids (galangin, quercetin), which have demonstrated antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory and modulating activity for the defense system (immune).The natural supplements that contain propolis are useful during the changes of season (arrival of autumn and winter) in which having a good immune function is essential.
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