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Medavita Puroxine Antiforfora Spray Hair Dandruff Treatment - 100 Ml

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Medavita Puroxine Antiforfora Spray Hair Dandruff Treatment - 100 Ml

    Product Name




  • Medavita


    Main Category

  • Hair Care






  • Antiseptic, stimulating, and regenerating.
  • Contains Piroctone
  • olamine with gentle keratolytic and bacteriostatic action which
  • limits flaking and proliferation of bacteria reducing the quantity
  • of microorganisms (Pytirosporum and Staphylococcus aureus)
  • also responsible for itching.
  • Leaves behind a pleasant sensation
  • of freshness.
  • The formula is enriched with extract of Myrrh with
  • its outstanding antiseptic and sanitizing action and with Salicylic
  • acid with keratolytic properties.Contains an exclusive pool
  • of powerful active ingredients of plant origin (Aloe, Ginger, Sedge,
  • Camphor, Arnica, Galbanum, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Myrrh,
  • Nutmeg) with vaso-active



  • All types of dandruff.


    Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • 10 sprays with a gentle circular massage
  • For an intensive treatment of dandruff: three times a week for four weeks
  • To prevent dandruff: at least once a week, do not wash it off


    Other Information

  • Known for its antiseptic and energizing properties, Myrrh prevents bacteria from growing on the scalp and treats scaling and dandruff.
  • There are different types of dandruff, and Puroxine fights them all with the same purifying power.
  • The secret behind this anti-dandruff* treatment is the combined action of Myrrh, Piroctone olamine and Salicylic acid, which limit bacterial proliferation and scaling of the scalp and reduce the quantity of micro-organisms responsible for itching.
  • Fight the discomfort with the purifying Puroxine ritual, for the scalp with dandruff. Dandruff reduction: 90%*Itch reduction 93%**Sebum reduction 87%**
  • CUTIS PURA Hygienic scalp emulsion → Delicate peeling that deeply purifies the scalp
  • PUROXINE Anti-dandruff shampoo → Cleanse and soothe
  • HYDRATIONIQUE Ultra-conditioning hair emulsion → Hydrate and detangle without weighting down the hair
  • PUROXINE Anti- dandruff lotion → 3 phials a week for 4 weeks
  • MYRRH Properties: astringent, antiseptic, regenerating, tonic, soothing and purifying.


  • Piroctone olamine Properties: antimycotic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.
  • Salicylic acid (Salix alba)Properties: keratolytic, exfoliant, antibacterial.
  • Aloe Properties: regenerating (stimulates growth of the epithelium over wounds), cicatrizing, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, analgesic, fungicide, bacteriostatic, antifreeze radical, soothes itching.
  • Calamus Properties: stimulant, tonic, aromatizing.
  • Alantoin Properties: cell-proliferant, antioxidant, hydrating, cheratoplastic, smoothing, soothing.
  • Nutmeg Properties: antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and carminative.
  • Ginger Properties: neurotronic, anti-inflammatory, revitalizing, carminative, antitoxic.
  • Dilates blood vessels and improves circulation.
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Size 100ML
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