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Mentos White Gums Spearmint - 72 Pcs

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Mentos White Gums Spearmint - 72 Pcs





  • It is widely spread among adults and children
  • May contain a mixture of natural and synthetic materials
  • Used to enjoy its taste and refresh breath
  • It comes with many flavors and colors
  • It also has health benefits if you do not use too much


Some benefits

  • Give a good breath to the mouth and help to get rid of bad odors
  • Helps clean the mouth and teeth and reduces tartar layers
  • Strengthen the jaw muscles because of repeated chewing
  • Smokers often use it to get rid of unpleasant odors
  • Help you drive out the sense of hunger
  • Help burn some calories from the body
  • Reduces gum infections due to increased secretion of saliva and digestive enzymes
  • Reduce some symptoms related to the middle ear



  • Do not use gums too much because it may cause some of the following problems:
  • Weaken the enamel layer that envelops and protects teeth
  • Swelling and gases in the stomach and gut
  • Some ingredients may not suitable for everyone
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Size 72pcs
Brand Mentos®
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