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Nido Fortified Milk Powder - 900 Gm

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Nido Fortified Milk Powder - 900 Gm

Product Name

  • NESTLE NIDO FORTIFIED Milk Powder 900g Tin



  • Nestlé


Main Category

  • Baby Care



  • Baby Feeding



  • NIDO FORTIFIED with FortiGrow™ is a full cream milk powder
  • that has a creamy and dense taste. Each spoonful of the fine yellowish
  • powder contains the essential vitamins and minerals needed to strengthen your child's muscles, teeth, and bones. NIDO FORTIFIED with FortiGrow™ is an excellent source of calcium and Vitamin D and is delicious milk that is so easy to prepare INSTANTLY. Just mix 3 spoonfuls of NIDO FORTIFIED with FortiGrow™ with water (250 ML) and stir.
  • The optimal growth starts with the right nutrition and when you give your child NIDO FORTIFIED with FortiGrow™, you are giving him the right combination of essential nutrients in addition to great-tasting milk that supports his overall growth and development to the fullest.


Size/ Pack Content

  • Full cream Cow's Milk Powder, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Vitamins and Minerals.
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