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Nutraderm Lotion For Dry Skin Cream - 200 Ml

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Nutraderm Lotion For Dry Skin Cream - 200 Ml
Name :
Nutraderm Body Lotion 200ml
size :
200 ml
Description :
Nutraderm Moisturizing Lotion for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is a non-greasy water emulsion that moisturizes the skin and is a semi-porous insulating layer that maintains skin moisture.
Use :
- Nutraderm is used in the daily care of dry skin and sensitive and helps to smooth and protect the skin.
Advantages :
- Free of lanolin
- It does not block pores and therefore does not cause acne.
- A porous insulating layer that keeps the skin moist.

Effective composition:

Liquid Paraffin - Purified Water - Acetyl Coagula - Citrall Coagula - Sorbitan Mono Citrate - Perfume - Tri Ethanol Amine.
How to use :
applied on the body or areas to be moisturized with an appropriate amount of lotion in the shower when bathing or shaving, when exposed to extreme climatic changes and every night and repeat when needed.
Skin dryness :
Dry skin is not a serious disease in itself but can be turned into more advanced cases such as eczema
Some symptoms of dry skin:
- Special skin tightening after bathing or swimming
- Itching
- roughness, skin flaking, redness, superficial and deep cracks
Causes of dry skin:
-weather :
Skin dries up in winter, where temperature and humidity are lower.
- Hot water: Bathing in hot water as well as frequent swimming cause dry skin
- Soap with harsh chemicals: Designed specifically to get rid of the oily layer on the skin leading to dry skin
- Some cases of the disease: patients with eczema and psoriasis.
Prevention of dry skin:
Moisturizing: Good moisturizers prevent moisture loss and keep it inside the skin
- Stop using harmful poisons: Use cleaning creams and bath fluids containing moisturizers
- Use medical gloves: Use medical gloves when handling detergents and water in your household.
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Size 200ml
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